I will joke about this Donald Sterling mess because it’s all a joke. Not what he said when he thought nobody else was listening, that’s nothing to joke about, but a lot of the noise surrounding it now. A joke.

Every once in a while, in this “social media age,” somebody gets caught in a moment of revealing honesty. We flip out when it happens, often rightfully so, but we do so completely ignoring the beauty of that honesty. Everyone gets up and says “What? How could he/she?? Oh, no, not I, not ever!” The truth is there are people saying and thinking things 1000 times worse, and they are in positions of power far greater than that of “NBA Team Owner.” They are in our media, they are in our government, they educate our children… let that soak in for a moment. For some reason they just won’t die, and they won’t die because they don’t have to reveal their own truths. And they will nod and chastise along with everyone, they’ll smile in everybody’s face and say “Not I, not ever,” and immediately go back to their normal thought processes. They will infect our young, who have to be taught the right way to hate, and the cycle will go on and on and on… When they say “Not I, not ever,” they mean “I won’t ever have to be held accountable for what I say/think behind closed doors, nope. Not I, not ever.”

Trent Lott once said “When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over the years, either” to a crowded room, and everyone eventually piled on Trent Lott. Nobody questioned the people who clapped enthusiastically (lots of high-profile individuals), and asked them “where do you really stand?” An accidental moment of honesty, and people got swept up in it, and none of them were ever held accountable. “Agree with that? Not I, not ever,” and back to business as usual.

We will never move forward, we will never grow up, we will never evolve until people become honest in their beliefs. Anyone who has ever agreed with holding another group down, but claims they don’t subscribe to any of the “-isms” needs to be honest, and look at the truth of their beliefs. Some people say “let the market decide,” but that’s just a cop out because the market can’t decide because it can’t make an informed decision because those being judged by the market are wearing clever masks of “Not I, not ever,” and avoid all accountability. They avoid all truth.

The beauty of truth is in its equitability; it doesn’t care who you are, it hurts just the same. But that pain we resist is just a growing pain, because the truth hurts but it allows us to be free. Truth allows us to make informed decisions, and they’re not always right or wrong but they are informed, and when people make informed decisions they are finally accountable. Real accountability for one’s own decisions changes everything, and most people don’t want that burden of self. Truth isn’t about happy, except for those who actually understand the meaning of truth, because those who really seek it aren’t worried about momentary happiness

Truth reveals truth reveals truth reveals pain reveals anger reveals truth allows GROWTH. And if you ask most people if they really want truth, they’ll nod and say “Of course, everybody should,” and will go through all the pretty motions until enough people are happy, and that’s how you know they’re lying to you…

When you ask them if they want truth, and you look them in they eye, and you look deeper than they intend, you’ll see it. No matter what they say out loud, you see it/hear it back there, the part of them that isn’t ready the part that doesn’t want growth the part that fears all accountability. It’s the part that whispers “Not I, not ever.”

I just wanted to share this: I would never want to live in Metropolis. It has the most batshit-insane criminals on the planet. I know, I know, you’re thinking “What about Gotham City? Duh, the JOKER lives there! Your stupid, Jason!”

Well, first off, it’s spelled “you’re” so who’s the stupid one now??  Also, I want you to really think about it.  Metropolis boasts one of the largest, most effective urban police forces in the world.  It has a dedicated unit just for fighting super-powered threats.  It has Superman, an invulnerable ALIEN with near-UNLIMITED POWER who moves faster than almost anyone.  SUPERMAN.  All that, and yet there are people in this city who still think they can get away with MUGGING and BANK ROBBERY?!?  They should be locked up in Arkham, right next to Joker and Riddler and all the other Gotham Crazies (did you know that’s the name of Arkham’s staff softball team?)  Seriously, these aren’t super powered individuals, but they just waltz around committing idiotic crimes?  No, I’m not living there, those criminals have no fear.

"War is a racket," and we (collectively) treat our veterans like second-class citizens.  None of this is new.  The idea that anyone needs to make "charitable donations" to people on the front lines of an industry that’s funded by the trillions (and generates trillions more in return) is insane. The idea that those people aren’t supported in a way that insures their mental and physical well being - without having to pull teeth just to get something taken care of - is insulting to anybody with a brain and a pulse.

The Tao of “The New 52”

We’re rebooting it all! Well, not really, but it’ll look like we’re rebooting some, but you won’t even notice. Ok, so Justice League is a complete reboot but, don’t worry, Flash and Batman and Green Lantern will be exactly the same. Also, Superman will take place right now, except that Superman will also tell a new origin, but that’s in the past. Don’t worry, it doesn’t really change anything. Okay, so some of the stuff in Batman is changing, and Green Lantern is now, but none of it has changed even though Hal is a completely different guy in Justice League. And don’t forget, Static is a reboot of a Dakota-verse character, but it’s not really a reboot, but know what - FUCK STATIC, ‘cos fuck ‘im that’s why. Also we’re kinda rebooting Jonah Hex. I dunno why, you just run with it because it’s not an actual reboot. Yes, Wonder Woman is still Wonder Woman, we haven’t changed a… okay, ya got us there, but it’s still her. Don’t worry, we’ll still do our best to make sure she NEVER gets a movie. Oh we gotta have one on the team? Ummm, fuck it, here’s Cyborg. Green Arrow? No, he’s TOTALLY Ollie Queen, he’s just “TV Ollie” now, but he’s the same guy. Okay, yes, totally younger, and - what? Black who? Nah, sorry man. Captain Marvel is Shazaam now, which - no, he’s still Billy Batson, and we seriously didn’t reboot him. We just changed his origin and personality and stuff. So, I hope that clears things up for you guys!

To be continued…

Re. The Fantastic Four recasting

I don’t know if it’s racist to be mad that the Storm’s story will have to change if one is dark and the other is light… I just think that it’s ludicrously racial and color-conscious to think that the Storm’s story has to change because they don’t have the same skin color. I don’t see how siblings aren’t siblings all of a sudden. And I’m not even going to point out that it’s entirely genetically possible for two siblings of the same parents to have different skin, hair, eyes… y’know, all the standard stuff ruled by genes, just because of the possible (and all too plausible) genetic histories of their parents. By the way, the Storms are from Long Island, not Ireland or one of the Nordic countries. So, theoretically, a writer isn’t even obliged to give the least bit of exposition as to why they don’t have the same skin color. The only reason they would feel pressure to do so is because of some sort of insane unspoken rule (in western society, especially the Americas - odd, considering it’s the home to the most muddled genetic mix ever) that people have to fit neatly into each category and, if they don’t, it better be explained or others will be ill at ease. It’s not like they announced that Johnny will be 100% Masai and Susan will be 100% Swedish but still have been raised as siblings. THAT might require explanation (even then, not much more than “Franklin and Mary Storm adopted them, because NOTHING CHANGES FROM THE POINT THAT THEY ARE RAISED IN THE SAME HOUSE)

Basically the argument against a dark skinned Johnny Storm is “It is horrible because I may have to accept seeing something that isn’t the norm, and I won’t understand it.” Not something impossible, mind you, just not the norm.

Skin color is simply a genetic trait that has been manipulated and used as a focal point in and by some of the most horrible people, belief systems and acts in human history, some of which still permeate out minds to this very day. I keep hoping that each coming generation will manage to simply get over it, but it would seem there are a lot of things that need to happen here beforehand.

Maybe I’m wrong? Someone would need to prove it to me, though.

This is what someone posted on a FB group I’m in:

This was my response:

That is all.


A common colloquialism in the United States derived from the Latin for "Well, I don’t really know what area this guy or his family is from, but I’m pretty sure he’s speaking Spanish sooooo… fuck it."  Sometimes stated as form of evidence that a person’s skin color has nothing to do with a situation i.e., “George Zimmerman couldn’t have possibly profiled Trayvon Martin based on him being Black, because his mother’s Hispanic!”

Stop it.

Many of those countries have the same race issues as we do here, some much much worse.  Therefore, “Hispanic” does not mitigate all possibility of racial bias, it just makes it… bilingual?  Yes, people, we still have race issues in The United States of America.  Everything that’s happened since 2008 serves as continual proof that we deny this simple fact.

It’s not that they had trouble believing George Zimmerman acted with depraved indifference toward human life, it’s that they found it so easy to believe Trayvon Martin did.

After watching everyone argue about “Man of Steel,” and remembering “Dark Knight” and “Dark Knight Rises,” I think I’ve figured it out.

"E = [W + (I/S)] • R]"
"Enjoyment Level = [Writer + (Inconsistencies/Willful Suspension of Disbelief)] • Resistance to Change"
W= Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan, David Goyer, or any combination of the 3.

I call it The “Goodman Theorem - A.”

I totally own this.

SCREW YOU, James Dolan, your forced trade for Melo still pisses me off.  This is nothing against Melo as a player, or even as a human being, but the simple fact is he played chicken with the Knicks front office and he won.  The move was excused with talk of “we gotta win now” but that’s complete and total bull.  If you “gotta win now” why trade away almost your entire core of talent?  A Galinari starting to come into form (because you can’t teach 6’10” with an outside touch, but you can teach him to play smarter D), A Wilson Chandler who was only getting better and had the right attitude, A young, fit, MOTIVATED Ray Felton playing the best ball of his career… Mozgov - well, really, I don’t know what he was ever going to become, or if. You then neutered your first All-Star/MVP Candidate/All-NBA Team Member (since Patrick Ewing) in Stoudemire AND stymied the development of an emerging Landry Fields AND took away the weapons who were starting to gel under D’Antoni - who, by the way, was the architect of an offense that was #1 in the league and had us RELEVANT for the first time in almost a decade.  Think about that for a moment, almost a DECADE since any team even had to start to worry about playing NY.  Garden was rockin’ - I know, like many of you I was there.  But, okay, “we gotta win now, and screwing up our team chemistry in the middle of the season - even though this guy really wants to play here and is a free agent in a couple of months - that’s the best way to get us to a Championship NOW.”  Bull, Dolan, you wanted to have an extra marquis name to justify hiking up your prices (only ONE of the reasons you’re scum).  And do I even need to START to mention our draft picks?  And you wonder why Donnie Walsh suddenly “fell ill?”  Tell me, James Dolan, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT???  Because, seriously, first you wanna build, then you wanna “win now,” I personally think you just want more money for coke and hookers.  You haven’t given me a reason to think otherwise.

-flip side-

MELO - Let’s be real for a second: you wanted your extra $20 mil.  Just admit it, it’s okay.  But, you also wanted to be “the man” here, and that comes with some extra responsibilities.  Guess what? Your coach wants you to move the ball AND move without it?  You do it.  All that crap about “coaches needing to adjust to players” is exactly that, CRAP.  A coach can only do that when he can trust his guy 100% on the court, and you haven’t exactly done that, have you Melo?  This isn’t about playing hard, everyone knows you do that, nobody questions that - well, maybe on the defensive end sometimes, right?  Look, all I’m saying is this: Russell gave himself to his coach’s system, so did Magic, so did Bird.  Jordan learned to play the triangle well before he won anything and, hell, Kobe learned to do it TWICE plus learned how to defer when necessary.  That “Big 3” in Boston?  They took less money, and became completely beholden to their coach in order to win.  And Lebron, someone who I could go off on for days for any number of reasons? He, Wade, AND Bosh all took less to give themselves a chance at immortality with that team I can’t stand.  Oh, and the Spurs?  They are ALL ABOUT THE SYSTEM.  But you, even at your own admission, couldn’t be troubled enough to fully commit yourself to what your coach was doing, then showed you could have been doing it all along after he was gone!  So, what, you didn’t wanna give it a chance?  And this year, with the coach you preferred? Solid MVP campaign to start, but - despite winning your FIRST scoring title and finishing third in MVP voting - you regressed.  I don’t know if it was fatigue from a long year starting with the US Team (for whom you played your heart out, showing assistant coach D’Antoni game you NEVER showed him during the season), but you regressed.  So here’s my question for you: WHAT do you WANT?  If it’s all about winning, then give yourself over to your team and coach.  We all know what you can do, so DO IT.  And do the things you NEED to do even more.  You got your extra money, so why not?